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Become the #1 driver by being the first to draw your mark in the goal field. Along the way you may create obstacles to slow your opponent. But be careful, the obstacles may slow you as well!

Dirty Driving is a single-page, kid-friendly, printable board game made for PaperJam 2017.

Print the game board on a piece of A4 or letter sized paper and grab 2 dice, 2 pencils and a friend.

The very simple rule set is suitable to play with younger kids (I've playtested with age 6). But even though there is more luck than skill in this game, adults will find it entertaining to strategize as well.

Take a stack of print-outs with you on vacation. Why not bring some squared drawing paper and let your kids create their own tracks!


  • A disposable game board
  • Extremely simple rule-set
  • Only dice and pencils are needed
  • Large-print allowing you to print 2 boards on a single page


dirtydriving_paperjam2017_v1.pdf 196 kB

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